Swakriya Yoga

May you be strong like Earth

joyful like Water

clear like Fire

accessible like Air

and vast like Space

What is SKY?

The term "Swakriya" was used by Sri Ma Ananadamyi to express the Divinity in every form. She used to say the Divinity is moving in every atom of this universe. It is the “One “ which is seeing, listening and speaking.


“Swa” literally means the Self which is without boundaries, limitations and definations. “Kriya” means the movement.

So the whole term signifies that its the universal Oneness which is present in all. Like the thread of a rosary, which connects all the beads, we all share One love which is holding us together. Its the one breath which is giving life to each and every being on this planet.


Swakriya Yoga is the practice to simply become aware that we are not limited to our bodies, names and emotions. We are unlimited, vast, loving, universal beings.


What do we practice?

Swakriya Yoga is system of spiritual practices originating in the ancient traditions of India. The one purpose of practice is to realize our Oneness with all that is - call it universal consciousness, God, cosmic intelligence, Shiva and Shakti, or simply "Nature".


There is a multitude of doors that SKY offers to step into that expanded awareness.


From gentle asana, pranayama and precious kriyas, the use of mudra, mantra and chanting to chakra awareness and subtle forms of meditation.


The central element of Swakriya Yoga is the work with the Pancha Mahabhutas, the 5 Great Elements. But above all, it is not a dry practice, it is a gift of love and devotion.



What are the origins?

The term "Swakriya" goes back to Ma Anandamayi who first used the term to discribe the aim and nature of our practice.

As Swami Gurusharanananda began sharing his precious experiences with students SWAKRIYA YOGA was born.

In cooperation with Devi Saraswati they further explored the practices in great detail and refined them into a system which they are now teaching to students all over the world.


Ancient Yogic Teachings


All practices are rooted in the rich spiritual traditions of India. Some advanced kriyas and meditations are true gems, to be shared only with aspirants ready to grasp the subtle nuances and real value.

The concept of Shiva and Shakti, the Pancha Mahabhuta, the Chakra System, Deities and Mantras, Mudras and Kriyas originate from ancient traditional wisdom teachings.

Ma Anandamayi

 The outstanding female Saint

"Sri Ma Anandamayi", is the guiding force behind Swakriya Yoga. Her fully awakened consciousness blessed this world with timeless teachings. On the basis of Her guidance we are able to bring the ancient practices to life and use them for the highest good.


Masters of the 5 elements


Swami Gurusharan has been growing up under the guidance of various highly accomplished masters.

Each one of them being specialized in one specific element, they lived very simple lives, close to nature and far from public attention. They can be called true Yogis.

Jai mA!

Some basic Principles of Sky...


First of all, everything is already in you!

You are always complete, a unique manifestation of Divine.


All we do is to become aware of our true Self.


We are always one with nature and the entire universe.

The 5 elements as our own intrinsic energies lead us back to the source.


There is nothing to achieve. Our practice is an offering!

By offering ourselves to the 5 elements we become the giver as well as the enjoyer of their gifts.


Joy and pain, bliss and agony are all within us. No outer agents can distroy or save us.


Our mind is an incredibly powerful Divine expression!

Awareness and loving presence are the ways we use to handle this wonderful tool.


By Ma`s Grace we are able to offer this rich and beautiful practice to you!

May you offer it to your Self for the highest good of all !