Learning & Practice

Learning the system of Swakriya Yoga, integrating the precious practiced into your life and experiencing its transformative effects is a very special gift.


You are welcome to join any of the retreats with Swami Gurusharanananda and Devi Saraswati, which are designed to take you deep into sadhana (spiritual practice).


As they are both specialized on specific areas of Swakriya - Swami Gurusharan gives amazing, heart- and mindopening talks on philosophy and shares his deep devotion through his powerful voice and music, Saraswati is focused on sharing the practices of Swakriya Yoga with great depth, love and sensitivity - you will find the most complete benefit from the programs held by them as a team.



For other oportunities to meet them together or individually in Europe, the US or India, please send your inquiry through the contact form, you will be provided with additional information.


If you wish to invite them to your area and host a Retreat you are very welcome to share your ideas !


More informations on SKY Online classes: