Ma Sharanam Ashram & School


For more than 18 years Swami Gurusharan and a group of fellow spiritual seekers have been deeply dedicated to the upliftment of underpriviledged children near the banks of river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh.


"Ma Sharanam" is an outstanding charity project that has been founded in 2014 and has been financed by the generous support of donors from Europe and the United States.


Underpriviledged children are provided free education, nutritional care, medical aid and skill development, regardless of religion, race and gender. The families of the children and the villagers are guided in healthy and nutritional food, unemployed youth is supported in finding jobs and educated in taking good care of the environment.


Ma Sharanam Projects and Initiatives


  • School and boarding school free of cost: 18 Teachers are teaching about 200 girls and boys from very poor backgrounds. School uniform, books and utensils, meals and medical care are provided.
  • Qualification programs for women
  • Educational work for the farmers of the area regarding the risks of pesticides and possible alternatives
  • Health- and hygiene consciousness


All these activities are possible only through the support of donours from all over the world. The entire project is mainly financed by donations. Your generous, heartfelt contribution is highly welcome!


How can I help?


Initiative "Ma Sharanam Circle of Support"

The biggest challenge continues to be the coverage of the monthly fixed costs throughout the entire year. For this very reason we started setting up the "Ma Sharanam Support Circle" in summer 2018 with the aim of providing a stable financial basis , so that the coverage of running costs will be secured.


For this purpose our aim is to raise 3000 Euros monthly, which will cover the running costs like teachers salaries, electricity, food ect...


How can I be part of the Circle of Support?

A voluntary monthly donation of at east 10 Euros via money transfer order (German: "Dauerauftrag") for at least one year is the best way you can support this beautiful project.


Please set up a money transfer order at your bank. The charitable association we are closely cooperating with is called

"Dana Mudra", they will forward your complete contribution to Ma Sharanam.



IBAN: AT98 6000 0000 9215 9639


Purpose: Ma Sharanam Circle of Support (German: Unterstützerkreis)


After setting up the transfer order at your bank please send us a short e-mail to the following address informing us of your monthly contribution. This helps us to have an overview of the current incoming donations and it enables us to add you to our list of supporters, providing you with an update of the project about twice a year.


We thank you in the name of the many amazing children, who are being provided with a good foundation for their lifes.

One day they will carry this light of love and community into the world.

This is how every small contribution that we are able to make,  causes ripples, giving the future of our world a positive direction.


Jai Ma!


If you wish to visit Ma Sharanam...


... you are welcome to join our guided group program  "Ashramlife & Joyful Journeys", the next one will take place in winterseason 2020/21

... or choose an individual stay between mid december and mid march. For more informations about MA SHARANAM and individual stays please visit