Swami Gurusharanananda

SARASWATI susanne boateng

Swami Gurusharan and Saraswati have dedicated their lives to their dharma of sharing Divine Mother`s Love. Their comradeship and cooperation is serving the purpose of bringing unity with the Divine into our everyday experience.


Through an extended time period of joined sadhana the beautiful ancient practices that Swami Gurusharan has been trained in by Masters throughout his life were shared and practiced together in depth. Swakriya Yoga at that point had already been born through Swamiji`s inspiration, and now it began taking even more clear and definite forms. By their joined effort, work and inspiration it grew into a system of spiritual practice that can be shared and applied by people all over the world.


In the following years Swami Gurusharan naturally began focusing more and more on delivering the philosophical and theoretical aspects of Swakriya Yoga, sharing his unparalleled, touching, heart-opening, life-changing discurses and satsangs and soul-stirring music. While Devi Saraswati has become the main carrier of the treasurehouse of Swakriya Yoga practices, sharing them with great sensitivity, love and depth.


Their cooperation is a mutual source of creative inspiration and spiritual support that keeps feeding into the practice of SKY.  In this field of shared intention and commitment to the spiritual path, Swakriya Yoga is an organic ongoing process of unfoldment, guided by the creative universal energy - Ma!