In Person Retreats

Swakriya Yoga Reatreat Austria / June 2021

 This retreat has become the yearly source of deep nourishment for many people.


We are hoping to be able to hold it again this year, but

due to Covid 19 restriction we are not able to plan for it just yet.

It will have to be a bit more short-notice than usual, and we need to know how many people are willing to join.


If you are willing to participate please leave us a message through the contact form and we will be in contact with you!


This is the classical Swakriya Yoga Retreat.

It is the oportunity to learn the system of Swakriya Yoga, as the teachings are delivered by both Swami Gurusharan in the form of philosophy/theory, and by Devi Saraswati in the form of the practical execises.

The retreatcenter is located high up in the Austrian mountains. The amazing view, peaceful surrounding and lush nature supports us perfectly to dive into the Yoga of the 5 Elements.

The places are limited and an early registration is becoming increasingly necessary.

The Retreat will be held in German and English.


Past Retreats

...waiting to happen again as soon as Covid 19 restrictions are being lifted.

"DEEP LISTENING" Swakriya Yoga Silence Retreat

18th - 28th March 2020, Rishikesh/India


We explored a wonderful little retreat center in the mountains outside of Rishikesh last winter. The Earth carries the vibration of all the yogis who have meditated here for centuries, perhaps millennia, and worshiped Ma Ganga. Which place would be better suited for a silent retreat? We will be focusing our energy and attention inward, listening to the voice of the heart, the higher guidance. We will practice Swakriya Yoga with the 5 elements, meditate, sing, and spend several half-days and many whole days of the 10-day retreat (between lessons) in silence. But there will also be excursions ... a light mountain hike to see the sunrise, a visit to the evening Arati in Rishikesh ...


"Sacred Sound" Nada Yoga Retreat

 Austria, Summer 2020 - NEW DATES WILL BE UPDATED SOON


... a deep exploration into sound as the underlying reality of this universe.


It is a journey back to the source, carried by the whole spectrum of sound vibrations. From kirtans and bhajans that powerfully and immediately work on an emotional level, opening our hearts and stilling our minds, to the subtle vibrations of sacred mantras that direct the flow of prana in our body and energy system as tools for healing and vehicles of consciousness, to the Devis (female Deities) of Sound, Music and Creative expression, that help us access these archetypal energies within ourselves....


Michaelihof is a small Retreatcenter about 1 hour drive from Vienna. It is simple and homely, run by a couple dedicated to a sustainable, biological and conscious lifestyle.




Winterseason 2020/21, Madhya Pradesh/India


We invite you join us for this beautiful 2 weeks program.


The 1st week we will spend in "Ma Sharanam Ashram" in Madhya Pradesh, where you have the oportunity to get a taste of the spiritual life in a traditional ashram. You will have Swakriya Yoga Classes and participate in the daily ashram ceremonies. Or just enjoy the serene spiritual atmosphere and nature. There will be one or two daytrips from here...


The 2nd week we will travel in a small group, visiting cultural sites, national parks and ancient temples....a really joyful journey led by Swami Gurusharan and Devi Saraswati