S.K.Y. Workshop Series

5 Elements

with Devi Saraswati

 We'll meet on 5 saturdays from may till october to dive into the practice of the Pancha Mahabhuta,

the 5 great elements.

Workshop  Dates




Saturday 23. May


10:00 - 12:30


Security, Fearlessness, Trust,

Stability, Strength, Perseverance,

Patience, Stillness


Saturday 20. June

10:00 - 12:30


Spontaeity,  Playfulness, Creativity,

Joy, Flexibility, free Flow of Emotions, Receptivity,

Freedom of Judgement, Humor


Saturday 11. July

10:00 - 12:30


Clarity, deepest Longing,

authentic Truth, Path of the soul,

clear Focus, Dharma


Saturday 12. September

10:00 - 12:30


Connectedness, unconditional Love,

Self-Acceptance, Openness, Overcoming Seperations,

limitless capacity of the Heart


Saturday 3. October

10:00 - 12:30


Freedom, Limitlessness, Eternity,

beyond name and form, vastness,

empty Space and pure potential

Your take-aways


- understanding the esotheric quality of each element


-  Kriyas and Pranayamas for each Element


- Meditation for each Element


- Yoga Nidra for each Element


- Chanting of Kirtan and Mantras


- Practical suggestions, how you can stay present and aware of the elements in daily life and be nurtured and inspired by their qualities


The 5 elements remind us of our original nature of unity, a state in which we live our full potential and find fulfillment.


Each workshop is dedicated to one of the 5 Elements. As we make ourselves familiar with them, you will recognize that they are part of you, nothing new, nothing outside of you. It is more like awakening ancient memories than learning something new.


Swakriya Yoga means direct experience through the use of many joyful methods! Joyful experiences make deep impressions and give life-changing impulses!


The weeks between one Workshop and the next are your valuable time of Self-Practice.

To experience the 5 elements in your daily life, in every action, every moment...


This is a very precious oportunity to discover a new quality of living and to tap into your full potential.



It is highly recommended to get to know all the elements from Earth to Ether, to give you a complete picture of the whole spectrum of creation - from the grossest to the subtlest.


Complete S.K.Y. Workshop Series

Euro 225.-

(repeating students Euro 200.-)


If you can`t make it to all the classes, you can book single workshops in advance.

If you are new to S.K.Y. it is recommended to start with all of us with Earth Element.


Single S.K.Y. Workshop

Euro 50.-

(repeating students Euro 45.-)