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Swami gurusharan

July/August 2021


Swami Gurusharan's talks are based on Sri Ma Anandamayi's timeless teachings.

He shares deep insights from the ancient scriptures and heart touching stories and songs.



 These 5 Morning-Satsangs in July / August are dedicated to

the topic of how to handle our strong emotions!


Let's dive into the timeless teachings of Sri Anandamayi Ma!


According to Ma,

a real human  being is someone who is conscious of the mind and emotions.




So many times we are not able to hold onto our  loving relationships, because we are being slaves of our negative emotional  patterns...


In these 5 Morning Satsangs we will learn how to transform negative emotions that block our growth and sabotage our happiness into their liberated form.....


Ma teaches us how to transform

our countless DESIRES into lasting FULFILLMENT...

uncontrolled ANGER into loving COMPASSION

debiltating FEAR into COURAGE

DEPRESSION into overflowing JOY

and neverending WORRIES into deep PEACE.


Dates & Time:

Every 2nd Sunday, 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (CEST)


4. July: Desire / Fulfillment

18. July: Anger / Compassion

1. Aug: Fear / Courage

15. Aug: Depression / Joy

29. Aug: Worries / Peace


English with German translation!


Recordings may be available for those who miss a session or who are in a different time zone,

provided there are no technical problems.


 Cost: Euro 135,-


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